More about escape rooms:

Players have a set time limit to find clues and hidden hints, solve a series of puzzles and riddles, and unveil secrets to the escape route or to meet the room's goal.  Search the room, find clues to discover keys or combinations to open the locks.  Solve intriguing puzzles and riddles that reveal the room's secrets.

Escape rooms provide immersive team activities that rely on logic, critical thinking, your wits and instincts, and person-to-person interaction and communication.

Escape rooms require collaboration and cooperation, making them ideal for workplace team-building exercises and holiday parties

Evolving from interactive video games, they are also an escape from reality.

Coyote Music Den
Community Square

Coming May 2019

Team Building

Painting by Mark Brown

It's 1719.

Blackbeard has lost his head,

and his treasure still

has not been found.

Are there still pirates hiding out

in Woccocon?

Step back in time at

Ocracoke Escape Room

and find out!

You and your team solve games, unique puzzles and riddles to "escape" the room and accomplish the goal! 

Appropriate for All Ages

A fun family and group activity.

 60 Minutes
Moderate to Challenging

(details to come)

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