"If Annie's cat could speak, this is what she might say."


I was lost and gone astray                             
Wandering alone in the dark
When your auntie and uncle find me
And bring me home from the park
You might say I’m truly beautiful
But you would never call me sweet
I’m a Calico cat with sea green eyes
I lay beside you while you sleep


You know I love ya
Even though I never show ya
You know I love ya
But I’m too cool to let you know

Meow  (I remark to the lark)
Meow  (I say to the stray)

You know I love ya but I’m just too cool to show ya


I take the choicest spot in any room
To drape my feline bones across
I take my canned food hot
Topped with a homemade tuna sauce
I meow to go outside
And purr you awake when I want to eat
I know I make you happy
I’m sure I make your life complete


Repeat:  You know I love la but I’m just too cool to show ya


"This is our argument with circumstance (or the Universe).”



In this I don’t know why
Shaking my fists at the sky
I’ve got four walls around me
Keeping my sadness at bay
I can’t eat, I don’t want to sleep
I don’t want to dream today

I beg you to stay
You’re gone any way
No matter how my heart still pleads
You’re gone far away
There’s nothing anyone can say
And all I can do
Is bleed

In this every day
I make a sandwich and then I’m on my way
I walk out that door
To do all the things I did the day before
But now every breath, every step
Remind me of you even more
Some great mystery
Is playing out in front of me
I’m begging you please
Wake me
Tell me I’m dreaming

Here, in this great big unknown
Like an elephant, sifting old bones
The memories come
I wonder was it all really true
I look for the answer, for that one little dancer
In a world that’s forever missing you