Your mission is to discover if the rumors are true and then gather evidence that could lead to the arrest of those responsible for the piracy. The best place to search is in the quarters of William Howard, Blackbeard's Quartermaster. But things aren't always what they seem on Ocracoke and you may, instead, discover a well-kept secret that could sway the course of the North Carolina colony!

The choice will be yours, mate. You are the master of your own destiny! Your team must hurry though, if the rumors prove to be true, hostile pirates will return…. This room is designed for 2 to 10 People. A standard open booking will run with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 people. If you book as a private room, then as many as ten or as few as two may play. (The game is beatable with two.) The optimum number of players is 4 to 6.

Pirates have long been a part of Ocracoke history. The island served as a base of operation for the infamous pirate, Captain Edward Thache aka Blackbeard.  After his death in 1718, government officials thought they would see an end to piracy in the outer banks.

Our story begins in 1719 when John Lovick, Secretary of the Colony of North Carolina and a Deputy of the Lords Proprietors, has been granted the island of Ocracoke. Mr Lovick believes that there is still piratical activity in Ocracoke and has hired you and your crew to investigate.

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