"Well slap me with butter and call me a biscuit, you three are great!"

TUESDAYS - Coyote Plus One  "well-crafted spontaneity" with a different guest each week:

May 22             Danny Gotham  (Chapel Hill, NC)
May 29               Kate McNally  (Stillwater Spa and Wellness," Ocracoke, NC)
June 5                 Rob Sharer ("Craicdown," Raleigh, NC)

    June 6               SURPRISE - Madeline and Berto Sales BELEZA BRASIL!!
June 12               Brooke German & Nick Derrick (Boone and Ocracoke, NC)
June 19               Kate McNally (Stillwater Spa and Wellness, Ocracoke, NC)
June 26               Kim France ("Molasses Creek," Ocracoke and Boone, NC)
July 10                 Dave Pollard  (Richmond, VA)
July 17                 Kim France  ("Molasses Creek," Boone and Ocracoke, NC)
July 24                 Katy Mitchell ("The Magic Bean" Ocracoke, NC)
July 31                 April Trueblood ("Raygun Ruby," Frisco and Ocracoke, NC)
August 7             Kelley Shinn (Ocracoke, NC)
August 14           Jay Turner (Richmond, VA)
     August 15           SURPRISE Guest - Shana Tucker (Chapel Hill, NC)
August 21           Aaron Caswell  ("Aaron Caswell Band," Ocracoke, NC)
August 28           Kim France ("Molasses Creek," Ocracoke, NC and Boone, NC)
September 4     Kate McNally (Stillwater Spa and Wellness, Ocracoke, NC)
September 11    Ruth Wyand  ("Award-Winning Blues Artist," Nags Head, NC) - CANCELLED
September 18    Katy Mitchell (The Magic Bean, Ocracoke, NC)
September 25    Kate McNally (Stillwater Spa and Wellness, Ocracoke, NC)

THANKS to Dajio Restaurant, our warm audiences and talented Plus One performers for a great season, we love you PLUS ONES!!!

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