Spring - Fall 2021

starts Tuesday, May 18th

All Concerts 8:00-9:00pm
(gate opens at 7:45pm)

$5.00 - $35.00+

Sliding Scale - Pay What You Can

"Be Affordable and Generous"

Concerts about an hour,

no intermission

Weather Dependent - will be cancelled by 5pm if weather does not permit.

Sorry, no reserved seating

(public parking on Back Road only - please DON'T park at Coffee Shop or Flying Melon, or along Sunset or Cabana drives.)


(252-588-0088, tips only)

Roughly Wheelchair Accessible
Please, No Smoking


​​LIVE BACKYARD CONCERTS from our Back Porch

We invite you to our back yard for an outdoor music experience in 2021.

Weather permitting - concerts/cancellations announced on social media.

You are invited to:

  • Bring your own chair if you like - there are 40 padded folding chairs and 22 retro aluminum lawn chairs provided, lots of space for


  • Bring bug spray
  • Bring refreshments (but not hard liquor)
  • Wear face covering/masks at all times
    (mandatory until state guidance changes)

  • Maintain at least 3’ from anyone you don't live with when waiting or watching.
  • Sanitize Your Hands

Located at 13 Cabana Drive, at the corner of Sunset Drive

(252) 256-2081 human voice for information

Kindly remember this is our neighborhood and home.

You are so very welcome on concert nights, but otherwise, please allow us our privacy on non-concert days.

In order for this to succeed and continue, we beg your cooperation.

COYOTE MUSIC DEN 4.0 - Backyard Concerts!